SDRealness Episode 0 Graphic Horizontal with Alex Ellison and Greyson Fullbright at SDRevolution

Episode 0 Transcript

Alex: Hello and welcome to the SDRealness podcast brought to you by SDRevolution, where we talk with sales development practitioners about their take on important topics in this space. This podcast is all about having focused 15 to 20 minute conversations with sales development leaders, managers and reps so that they can share their perspective. I’m Alex Ellison, and here with me is my co-host, Greyson Fullbright. 

Greyson: Hey there. So every few months we’ll be focused on one major theme for the podcasts. So for example, our first theme is about building leadership skills and becoming a leader. As an SDR, the point of office is to create focused conversations across several consecutive episodes, so that we can give our community well rounded insights with multiple different points of view. So if you do have ideas for certain themes or topics, get in touch with us, we’d love to hear them.

Alex: Our podcasts will focus on three major questions about each topic with each guest. To start, we like to keep it real. What is our guests’ take on the topic we’re discussing. From there, we’re going to move into what common mistakes or misconceptions are out there about the topic. And then lastly, we want the top tips and advice, really those golden nuggets from the guests about whatever it is we’re discussing.

Greyson: And we’ll be posting these episodes every two weeks, until we’ve got enough to post more frequently. So make sure to join the SDRev community or follow our social pages for updates on this podcast. Want to get involved and be on the SDRealness podcast yourself? Just head on over to our contribute page on our website, and let’s get in touch. This has been Greyson and Alex for the first episode of the SDRealness podcast. Stay up to date on the next one coming up soon, and until next time, SDRs, keep it real!

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