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Don't Wait to Be Taught,
Teach Yourself

Samantha Morris Headshot

Samantha Morris

Director of Sales Operations at Rhinogram


Tools & Tips for
Outbound Prospecting

A Headshot Brad Losurdo at MoEngage

Brad Losurdo

SDR Manager at MoEngage


Alignment for
Marketing-Driven SDR Teams

A Headshot of Kayla Rehmeier at Quantum Workplace

Kayla Rehmeier

SDR Manager at Quantum Workplace


Having the Right
Conversation With Prospects

A Headshot of Taylor Dahlem at

Taylor Dahlem

Director of Growth at Pickle AI


Time Management for
SDRs < > Managers

Karlie Morien Headshot Photo

Karlie Morien

Sr. Director of Sales at Directive Consulting


Testing Cold Prospecting

A Headshot of Ollie Whitfield at VanillaSoft

Ollie Whitfield

Product Marketing Manager at VanillaSoft


Social Networking &
Sales Development

Thyagi DeLanerolle Headshot

Thyagi DeLanerolle

Business Development at Greenlight Consulting


Tactical Sales Psychology for SDRs

A Headshot of Brian Smith Jr at Vendition

Brian Smith Jr

Partnerships AE at Vendition


Cold Email Prospecting for SDRs

Justin Micheal Headshot

Justin Michael

Founder of JMM & The SalesBorgs


Using Video to Manage
& Coach SDRs

A Headshot of Reva Pellerin at Vidyard

Reva Pellerin

Commercial Account Executive at Vidyard


Taking Action on
Workplace Discrimination

Ashleigh Early Headshot

Ashleigh Early

Co-Host of The Other Side of Sales Podcast & Founder of The Other Sales Coach


Creating & Managing
Sales Cadences

A Headshot of Rory Caulfield at PagerDuty

Rory Caulfield

Mid-Market AE at PagerDuty


Video Prospecting &
Sales Development

A Headshot of Tara Horstmeyer at Gravy Solutions
A Headshot Keith Zadig at Gravy Solutions

Tara Horstmeyer

Director of Partner Success at Gravy

Keith "KD" Zadig

Relationship Development Manager at Gravy


Cold Call Choreography:
Mastering the Phone as an SDR

A Headshot of Gabrielle Blackwell at Gong

Gabrielle Blackwell

Sales Development Manager at Gong

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SDR Self-Starter: How to
Stand Out in the Role

Will Frattini Headshot, Director of New Business Sales at ZoomInfo

Will Frattini

Director, New Business Sales at ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo Logo


Mastering the Art & Science
of Sales Development

David Dulaney Headshot

David Dulany

Founder & CEO at Tenbound

The Tenbound Company Logo


Top Advice for SDRs

Headshot of Calvin Patterson IV

Calvin Patterson IV

Head of Business Development at Concert

Concert brand logo


Enabling Your SDRs &
Giving Them a Voice

Headshot of Ash Cochran

Ash Cochran

Director of Sales at LevelJump

Leveljump brand logo


Constant & Consistent
Leadership as an SDR

A Headshot of Lee Rozins at Cheetah

Lee Rozins

VP of Sales at Cheetah

The Cheetah Company Logo


Making the Transition
from SDR to Manager

Matt Reuter Headshot

Matt Reuter

SDR Manager at Real Page

RealPage brand logo


Cold Call Coaching with Peers

A Headshot of Ben Bradley at Squire

Ben Bradley

SDR Manager at Squire

The Squire Company Logo


Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

A Headshot of Spencer Rogich at Sifted

Spencer Rogich

Enterprise AE at Sifted

The Sifted Logo


Managing Up as an SDR

A Headshot of Elizabeth Beggs at AirCall

Elizabeth Beggs

SDR II at AirCall

The AirCall Company Logo


How to Lead Peers as a Team Lead

A Headshot of Eddie Beqaj at Replayz

Eddie Beqaj

Sr Enterprise Account Executive at Replayz

The Replayz Company Logo


Building Personal Brand as an SDR

A Headshot of Nikki Ivey at SDRDefenders

Nikki Ivey

Co-Founder of SDRDefenders

The SDRDefenders Company Logo


Introducing The
SDRealness Podcast

Greyson Fullbright

Co-Founder of SDRevolution

Alex Ellison

Co-Founder of SDRevolution

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