About SDRevolution

Sales Development Revolution is a community dedicated to empowering the sales development space with access to digital training, events, networking, and educational resources.

Buyers have evolved and selling environments have become more competitive, which has created a variety of challenges for B2B sellers (especially for SDRs/BDRs). We recognized the need for more education on modern best practices in sales development.

The mission behind SDRevolution is to grow a passionate community of the world’s leading sales development professionals to create content, share training resources, and help provide advice through interviews, discussions, and community support.

Whether it be an experienced sales leader or a new sales development representative, the SDRevolution community is committed to consistently adding value, interviewing industry experts, and producing new research & information for our audience.

SDRevolution Founders

A Headshot of Alex Ellison at SDRevolution

Alex Ellison, Co-Founder

Alex is a proven marketer that helps lead content, branding, lead generation, and promotional efforts.

AJ Alonzo Headshot

AJ Alonzo, Co-Founder

AJ helps B2B companies of all sizes build and manage sustainable, scalable sales development functions.

A Headshot of Greyson Fullbright at SDRevolution

Greyson Fullbright, Co-Founder

Greyson is a startup operator that helps build & manage modern outbound sales & marketing programs.

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